Destiny Community Manager DeeJ Took Time to Detail Many of the Upcoming Changes

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As the developer prepares for the rollout of expansion The Dark Below on December 9, Destiny community manager DeeJ took time to detail many of the upcoming changes, assuring players that "those who don’t opt in aren’t left behind."


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Whilst there was some concern over Destiny's most recent update, others were further disappointed by recent remarks by DeeJ, who admitted that the tweet - which suggested that negative reactions from players were "wrong" - was "the worst [...] I have ever sent in my life."


As well as seeking to address WASP, BEE, FLY and LION errors, Bungie has also tweaked issues with undelivered daily event reward packages and a problem with Pocket Infinity and its over-zealous charging.


"In the months to come, your quest to become more powerful will have more avenues that lead to satisfaction," writes DeeJ. "The last thing we wanted was for you to look at your favorite gun or helmet and decide that it had become obsolete. Since the reveal, we’ve read a lot of ideas for how this could have been done better. Your feedback is clear: The time you have invested in your stuff should be respected."


Here are some facts about what's "motivating this new economy designed to propel the evolution of your Guardian":

Destiny will continue to provide new ways to evolve

Your existing items will still be effective in any encounter

    The Dark Below will contain exclusive options to level up

    More powerful Exotics will drop, or be sold by Xûr

    More powerful Legendaries will drop, or be sold by vendors

    More powerful Raid gear will drop - and more often!

    More predictable options will upgrade beloved Exotics

    Exotic upgrades purchased from Xûr replace weaker items

    Exotic upgrade paths require much less time and material

    An upgraded Exotic is more powerful right out of the box (see the mighty Thorn below).

Destiny Community Manager DeeJ Took Time to Detail Many of the Upcoming Changes

Bungie clarified some of the confusion around Exotic weapons, confirming that you can upgrade more than one Exotic in a single week, and that Exotic weapons and armour will also now be available via new "loot tables" as well as from vendor Xûr.


As for the expansion pack itself? DeeJ describes what happens if you don't download the new content.


"If you’re not accepting Eris’s call to war against the Hive and their dark God, you’re still welcome to browse the new wares in the Tower. If you’ve been struggling to reach Level 30, a whole new path is about to become illuminated by green flames."


The Crucible, too, will see some changes, with the temporary addition of the Salvage and Combined public playlists (Bastion and First Light have moved out of Control and Clash to Combined Arms, incidentally), and a couple of new premium playlists - boasting "new experimental" modes - for those with The Dark Below expansion pack.


The Iron Banner is back for a new season from December 16, with reset Event Standings and Level 31 inventory up for grabs. You won't need expansion to access it, either.


Finally, of course, there's new raid Crota's End. You'll need a fireteam, at least one Level 30 Guardian and, naturally, the expansion pack to access the new raid when it goes live at 1AM Pacific Time on December 9.

Is your Tumbler Sparrow still yet to be delivered? There was some confusion regarding its rollout, but Bungie assures that everyone eligible for the new vehicle should receive it shortly after December 9. If it still hasn't shown up after that time, get in touch with Bungie.


"The release of the Dark Below will mark the three-month anniversary of the launch of Destiny," adds DeeJ. "Inside our walls, it’s hard to believe such a short time has passed. It feels like an odyssey. Much has happened. We’ve witnessed the birth of new community of players who have defeated all the foes of our creation. Throughout their campaign, they’ve come together to find their collective voice."