Destiny Future Updates: Preview Items Before You Spend Glimmer

destiny-store Date: Nov/11/14 13:19:19 Views: 422

Highlight:New gear shaders, ways to preview items before you spend Glimmer, and more coming to FPS.


Destiny developer Bungie has outlined a raft of tweaks and changes coming to the first-person shooter through future updates. Writing as part of the latest Bungie Weekly Update, the developer explained that the updates will introduce, among other things, a way to preview items before you spend destiny glimmer, arena adjustments, and other various bug and technical fixes.

"We're inbound with several bundles of joy in our hold," Bungie said about the upcoming updates. "They'll land in the weeks to come. Some of them will give everyone new things to do and earn. Some of them will prepare the world you've conquered for some new arrivals, and push the boundaries. Your level of engagement will be up to you. Each of us finds our own level in Destiny."


In addition to the new changes for everyone, Bungie will release Destiny's first expansion--The Dark Below--on December 9 across all platforms. It introduces all manner of new content, including new locations, weapons, and other gear. The full update list, courtesy of Bungie, is below.

  • Channels for talking to matchmade teammates, if you so wish
  • Exotic weapons that are stronger and more interesting to upgrade
  • New gear to let you slip into something a little more Legendary
  • That which waits in The Dark Below
  • New shaders for your gear
  • Ways to preview items before you spend your destiny glimmer
  • Greater chances of “showers” in public spaces
  • Adjustments to some arenas that needed better traffic flow
  • New economies to equip you with upgrade materials
  • Fixes, patches, and other invisible technical evolutions
  • Some other tricks up our sleeve
  • Maybe even a more generous Cryptarch (he'll still be sort of a bastard)

"Those are the broad strokes," Bungie cautioned. "More detail is on the way. There will be Dev Notes and Patch Notes and love notes on our forum to explain what we mean, why we're doing this, how it will all go down, and why we think it's awesome. For now, we just wanted to let you know we've been thinking about you, and working on some game changers we hope you'll enjoy."