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Let us rank destiny class: Reverse order

5. Striker


Similar to the Voidwalker, the Striker really thrives in Destiny PvP. That isn’t to say it doesn’t have its uses in PvE, though. A lot of the new content in Destiny: The Dark Below requires players to plow through massive swarms of weak enemies. The best prescription for when you’re swarmed by Thralls or Goblins is a good old-fashioned room clearing Fist of Havoc. Also, the Striker’s lightning grenade, when positioned correctly, can be devastating.


Still though, when you’re pinned down against a difficult boss, the Striker is rendered pretty much useless. Unlike the Voidwalker, Fist of Havoc requires you to get up close and personal and will usually be a suicide mission if you’re trying to use it on anything that puts up a serious challenge. Still when you can do this, who really cares about all that though, am I right?


4. Bladedancer


If we were writing this list before The Dark Below, the Bladedancer might have been ranked last. However, its ability to cloak has proved to be very useful in a lot of the new content especially the first section of Crota’s End. Couple that with the sweet new exotic gauntlets, Don’t Touch Me, which cloak Hunters when they are struck by a melee attack, and you have a stealthy, yet still very powerful class.


Let’s also not forget about its powerful super, Arc Blade, which is still great for taking out waves of trash enemies. Although not exclusive to the Bladedancer, the Hunter’s natural agility is also helpful for quickly getting away or approaching tough enemies such as Crota. While the Bladedancer still wishes it could be a little more useful on bosses, overall it’s in a lot better shape than it was back at launch.


Oh and it’s still one of most feared classes in PvP. Seeing a charged up Bladedancer running towards you is still one of the best “oh fuck” moments in Destiny power leveling.


3. Gunslinger


Like its brother the Bladedancer, the Gunslinger takes advantage of the Hunter’s natural agility to quickly navigate the battlefield. What slots the Gunslinger ahead of the Bladedancer however is its super, Golden Gun.


While the Gunslinger can’t cloak as easily as the Bladedancer can (needs the help of exotics), its super is far more useful overall. It can deal high damage fast like the Voidwalker’s Nova Blast and the Striker’s Fist of Havoc, but can do it with from a distance with pinpoint accuracy, perfect for boss fights. Follow up Golden Gun with some high-powered shots from the Hammer of Crota or Ghallahorn and enemies such as Atheon are in for a serious hurting in a hurry.


2. Defender


No job can provide support as well as the Defender can. Not only does it retain the defensive prowess of the Strike, it replaces the niche offensive super with a bullet proof shield that can save the day in a hurry (Ward of Dawn). With the Helm of Saint-14, enemies are blinded when they enter and Defenders can easily create choke points and/or a safe place to give other Guardians a place to regroup.


Even better, Ward of Dawn can be enhanced to give teammates an overshield for added protection or a temporary damage bonus. That damage bonus in particular can easily be the difference for whether or not you need 2-3 rounds to kill Atheon or 1-2, likewise for Crota. As useful as Ward of Dawn can be, the next Subclass on this list has something that just cannot be topped.


1. Sunsinger


Fireborn. That’s really all that needs to said. The Sunsinger is the only class that can revive itself without the help of teammates. That alone is reason enough to put the Sunsinger at the top of this list. While it might lack the pure firepower of other classes, or the overall support features that the Defender has, nothing beats being able to pick yourself back up and return to action without the need for someone else to risk their own life.


The Sunsinger can also safely preform suicide rescue missions, picking up a teammate in a sticky situation and then reviving themselves. Or how about in the first section of Crota’s End, where there’s no need to return to help a Sunsinger if they fall behind as long as they have their super. There’s just so many scenarios where Fireborn is so useful that there is no other class that can usurp the Sunsinger from the top of the list.


Sure, the Sunsinger is also a fantastic grenader, using its super to rapidly reuse its grenade abilities over and over. But really, it’s all about Fireborn. Anyone who has thought a Nightfall Strike was over only to see it extended thanks to a Sunsinger will agree that it deserves to be at the top of this list.