The detail analysis of Exploration missions in Destiny

Exploration missions do not have a single pre-stated objective. Their primary goal is to promote free exploration of related locations, allowing you to engage in randomly generated side missions.

Destiny Guide to The Tower

The Tower is one of the most important locations in Destiny. It serves as a base of operations and it is the place worth coming back to after each long journey. The Tower is considered a safe sanctuary, so you do not have to worry about encountering enemies or hostile players here. Instead, a lot of activities await you here, the most important of which being:

Destiny Guide:How to create character in game

When the game starts, you have to create a new hero. The first step of the creation process is choosing character class, which is by far the most important decision, as it influences available skills, equipment etc. All available classes are detailed in a separate chapter of this guide.

Destiny Equipment Guide on Weapons

The arsenal of weapons available in Destiny is very extensive. It consists of various types of pistols, shotguns, and rifles (assault, sniper, pulse, etc.). All weapons available in the game are described with several basic statistics, such as Impact, Range, Stability, and Reload.

Destiny Materials and loot Guide

In Destiny loot does not come in such large quantities as e.g. in Borderlands or Diablo series, but this does not mean of course that you should not look for it. First and foremost, new items can be obtained by killing enemies, as some of them drop more or less valuable items.

Destiny Glimmer Guide: Get tons of Destiny Glimmer Fast

The way these items work is that for every enemy you kill you get roughly 3-6 destiny glimmer each on average, but if you can string together multiple kills (they work on a timer, like double kills, triple kills, etc.)

Destiny Guide:How to kill the Devil Walker

The Devil Walker is a Fallen vehicle that acompanies packs of Fallen. They have strong armour and equally strong weapons making it difficult to take them down alone. It can be seen in action in the E3 demo.

Destiny Class Guide:Detail Analysis of the the Destiny rogue-Hunter

The Hunter is a class for nimble kills and skill shots; it requires and favours precision and quick thinking. Hunters are less survivable than Titans and lack the regenerative abilities of Warlocks, but they excel both at a distance in on the frontlines

Useful Strategy for Destiny Beta

The Destiny beta has launched for a few days. We has already sunk some hours into it, so we’ve put together some quick tips to help get you started.

Destiny Class Guide:Detail Analysis of the Destiny mage-Warlock

A good choice for those looking for something a bit different from the space marine paradigm, Warlocks are heavy damage dealers who, while lightly armoured, are tough to kill thanks to various regenerative properties. Still, you’re made of glass, so if you intend to play a Warlock be warned that you’ll need to keep your distance

The Preview of Game Modes in Destiny

There are several different Game Modes available in Destiny. Each one offers a different experience, however slight, and gives players diverse options on how long they wish to play and what they want to experience.

Destiny Class Guide:The Detail Analysis of Titans

Destiny is a shared-worlds shooter rather than an MMO, so despite the synergies between the two genres, you don’t necessarily need to worry about building a character to work with others, or insisting on a “holy trinity” when forming a fire team.
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