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Tips for Hunt high level enemies in Destiny

Destiny’s beta contains a handful of story missions, one co-op strike and PvP multiplayer. If you think you’ve seen it all, here are a few tips to Hunt some high level enemies.


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There are areas in the beta you are not supposed to go, and Bungie has ensured you don’t get too far by filling them with enemies far too high level for you; grenades, supers and heavy weapons won’t make a dent in these monsters.

However, you can still have some fun with them. In the area on the far side of Skywatch with the helicopters and constant battle between Fallen and Hive, listen for the rumbling roar of a monster close to a gap in the cliffside barrier. Carefully jump down to a ledge below to find a cave inhabited by an over-powered knight.

If you have a buddy with you, and you’re quick and careful, you can lure this guy out while your friend drives into him with a vehicle and knocks him to his death. You don’t get much reward bar shits and giggles, but there is a chest in his cave.Keep killing off our ugly friend and you may just spawn an even bigger baddie. That’s all I’m saying.