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Urrox, Broken Legion, Cerberus Vae III Solar With Burn Destiny Weekly Reset

The weekly reset has come and gone for Bungie’s Destiny, bringing with it a new Nightfall and Strike. There will also be changes to the Prison of Elders’ Arena stages though it’s nothing you haven’t fought before.


The Nightfall is Cerberus Vae III with the modifiers Epic, Nightfall, Arc Burn, Brawler and Solar Burn. The Heroic Strike is the Shadow Thief with Heroic and Angry enabled. The former will likely give players the most headache since just about everything does Solar/Arc damage.


Then there’s the Prison of Elders level 32 which is Broken Legion. Destiny power leveling make upgrade quickly. The modifiers are Juggler, Lightswitch, Catapult, Brawler and Juggler. Players will face off against Valus Trau’ug who can change the element of his shield.


Level 34 is Urrox’s Grudge with Trickle, Small Arms, Exposure, Arc Burn and Solar Burn. Finally, it seems Skolas on level 35 has Lightswitch and Small Arms enabled. Head here for more information on this week’s weekly reset changes.