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Destiny: Bungie Talks Changes to PvP Rewards and Exotic Weapons

According to some official Bungie comments on the forums, it looks like some changes to Destiny‘s PvP reward system and a few of its Exotic will be coming up.


On the forum, Bungie PvP developer Mantis responded to a post that asked about the randomness of PvP rewards and the general low quality of the rewards, saying that the team is looking into ways to increase the quality of the Crucible rewards.


Crucible rewards are on the low side for sure, and issue we intend to address in a future update.

The rewards are random to encourage everyone in the game to play it to completion, rather than only the “winners” staying.

Also on the Bungie forums, Bungie staffer Newsk responded to a comment on how some Exotic weapons do not truly feel unique in Destiny. Newsk wrote that making Exotic weapons both unique and powerful is fairly difficult, but the team will look into how to re-balance more weapons in the future.


We’ll continue to try and find the right balance for all the exotic guns. We know they’re special. We consider them important items in the Destiny world and they will always be looked at for future patches.


What do you think about the supposed upcoming changes? Which of Destiny‘s Exotic weapons do you think need to be rebalanced?