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Sparrow Racing League will Return in Destiny

Destiny goes offline for six hours for maintenance, which could mean that the Sparrow Racing League event will return next week.

Destiny: Is That Worth Buying

Intellect is exactly the stat you want, no matter what Titan class you’re rocking. At 310 Defense, you can potentially see up to 124 of this stat, but 110 is nothing to frown at at only 280 Defense. Strength is a great pinch of a secondary stat for Sunbreakers and Defenders.

Destiny: Weekly Update 11.12.15

The November Update will also contain good news for Hunters who draw from the Void with a fix that re-enables the Quiver perk. Nightstalkers will now be able to shoot three Shadowshots again, without the added “bonus” that previously took the rest of us to infinity and beyond.

How To Use Three of Coins In Destiny

If you play Destiny, then you know you only need very simple thing to be succesful. Exactly, coins or Destiny power leveling! Destiny players have been attempting to find the most efficient usage of the Three of Coins since Bungie first introduced the consumable item with The Taken King.

Destiny: First 'Taken King' Live-Stream

With just under a month before its September 15th release, Destiny’s third expansion is getting its biggest reveal yet. The Taken King will go live on Twitch today, and fans will get a great big helping of information about the new content.

'Destiny' - Here Are Nine Big Changes

Bungie detailed many of the changes and gameplay improvements coming to its addicting interplanetary MMOFPSRPG Destiny in a Twitch stream this afternoon. It was the first of three scheduled livestreams exploring the world of The Taken King
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