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How To Use Three of Coins In Destiny

If you play Destiny, then you know you only need very simple thing to be succesful. Exactly, coins or Destiny power leveling! Destiny players have been attempting to find the most efficient usage of the Three of Coins since Bungie first introduced the consumable item with The Taken King.

three of coins




Over the past couple of months, a few Reddit users have noted that 3 of Coins is actually a tarot card, with certain interpretations referring to a “symbol of creative teamwork.”


Using this knowledge of tarot cards, hobosteeze suggests that applying a Three of Coins after completing two Strikes results in a better-than-average Exotic Engram drop rate. We believe that there is a direct relation with the vanguard strike streak to our precious 3oC. This method has given us 9 exotics out of 10 coins used.


  • Make sure that you do not have the 3oC buff active (kill a ultra if you do)
  • Load into the vanguard strike playlist (Heroic strikes seem to work as well)
  • Complete two strikes without 3oC
  • On the beginning of the third strike (once you have loaded in, and are on the ground) activate a Three of Coin and proceed the strike as normal
  • Killing an ultra has given us a 90% chance of an exotic


So will it guarantee you an Exotic Engram? Nope. The theory makes sense when you consider the name of the consumable and Bungie’s obsession with numbers. There is also a new element in the Taken King that encourages “streaks” in Strikes, i.e. playing multiple in a row to receive more rewards.




  • Do not begin a Strike with 3oC applied
  • Complete 2 full Strikes
  • Once on the ground for the third strike, apply 3oC’s


Early reports mention extremely high drop rates with a full fireteam, but there’s just as many people saying it doesn’t work for them. If you’re still hunting for Engrams to complete your collection, this might be the best new option to do so.


From your experience, could this be the most efficient way to farm – or does it not make a difference? Results will vary, so please tell us if this works for you. And when do you think we’ll see these unreleased Exotics!?




Reddit user jomiran has tried and tested, and in his experience, suggests the following:


  • Leave a two boss gap between Coins
  • No need to go to Orbit
  • Mix up Heroic and Legacy playlists

three of coins