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Our Guide To Destiny's Best Legendary And Exotic Auto Rifles


There have been some great feats in Destiny before, including some very impressive solo Raid runs, but this new achievement sets a new bar.


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Like Us on Facebook A group of players beat the Crota's End Raid without firing a single shot from their guns, using mainy Supers and melees to defeat the entire dungeon. They posted their feats to Reddit, and you can watch the incredible run in three parts below.


The fireteam--Rob280, Im Zerkky, Unbridled Hate, purityGOON, AFC xp, VirtualxMayhem, and Tackhammer--decided to go with an all-Titan lineup. This makes for plenty of protective bubble useage, and allows a more effective melee frenzy. Some strategy clearly went into the attempt, and grenades are key to dealing damage to general mobs and Crota himself.


Destiny No Gun Run: Players Beat Crota's End Raid Without Firing A Single Shot From Their Weapons


If you suggested the idea of a weaponless run, I probably would have said it's impossible. But there they are, punching the Deathsinger into oblivion and beating down the Swordbearers. Many fireteams try and fail this Raid with guns, or at least take multiple attempts, so it's a pretty amazing feat.

The three videos below are split first into the Abyss lantern run, then the bridge and Shrieker section, and then the Deathsinger and Crota. Watch and be amazed!