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Bungie will pit five of Destiny's Best Players


The mission and platform will be chosen by "special guests," and players will fight for an emblem of legends (pictured below). Those who manage to get a match for the event will face Invigorate members LtJohn5, Luminosity48, Ewoktapus, iiskampii and Luckycharms343.


"Invigorate Gaming is a deadly team," Dague wrote. "They've carved World First status from every Raid boss that we've brought to life. Atheon? Check. Crota? Check. Sometimes on Normal. Sometimes on Hard. They hunt the big game and they take 'em down. You could say that this is a reverse Bungie Bounty, because now they're going to hunt you."


Dague himself will also be part of the team for the event, though he notes that he is not a member and has never "world-firsted" a raid boss. Instead, he writes, he's there to "serve as a boat anchor to give you a fighting chance."