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Destiny: We All Spent Hours Shooting At A Dark Hole


Destiny‘s first great success wasn’t quite a Pyrrhic victory, but it easily could have been. A still-burgeoning community of fans united around the ridiculous proposition of shooting blindly into the now-legendary “Loot Cave” back in September 2014. Destiny power leveling offers more game help, let your game easier. They did it to fast track their way to better gear, but many found a fun social hang as well. Even though we were just shooting at a dark hole, we were having a blast laughing about it.


Destiny didn’t transform with the Loot Cave, but Bungie’s approach to selling us on the experience did. The “next game from the Halo dev” identity that loomed large throughout development was virtually erased. The Loot Cave turned out to be a formative moment. If anything feels off about The Dark Below, Destiny‘s first paid expansion, it’s the tension between that apparent transformation and the weight of expectations around what it turned the game into.