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Destiny First New Year's Gift: Legendary Weapon

The holidays have come and gone, but Destiny players get a little more to celebrate this week. Bungie has announced that Destiny players will be receiving a special item this week.


Well today, the emails have rolled out as an official reminder to head to the Tower postmaster and grab the Destiny New Year’s Gift from Bungie. We were awarded with a neat Legendary Scout Rifle for our Hunter class character (see video below) and we’ll assume the gifts will be character class specific to avoid upset.

For some players, it's going to be a nice new weapon with just the right perks. That's the gift that keeps on giving. (Specifically, it keeps giving ammunition to enemies at high velocity whether they wanted it or not.) For others, it's going to be another copy of the same weapon you already have or an even worse one. That's how random works. Regardless, if you play the game, go in and check your mail. It's not a fresh pair of socks, at least.