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Destiny: The Gear and Weapons Power Leveling Issues

Power Leveling a Destiny character via gear isn't exactly a new concept, but it certainly isn't a popular one. The most obvious solution to the level cap issue is to allow players to increase the level of their existing gear with every new level update. is just this kind of store, which provide Destiny Power leveling product to make you upgrade lv32 fast and easily.

Currently, Destiny only allows you to upgrade exotic weapons and armor via an over-priced and overly-tedious system involving a vendor that only shows up on weekends. This means that any armor and weapons that you acquired from Destiny's Vault of Glass raid are now obsolete. In fact, if Bungie continues with their current system, every hard-earned piece of gear you obtain from the latest Crota raid will be useless in a few months when the House of Wolves expansion is released. Knowing that the gear you've put countless hours into earning and upgrading will be superseded by vendor-bought gear in a couple months isn't exactly great for player morale.


Even if you are completely OK with Destiny's exotic upgrade system, what are you to do with the rest of your non-exotic gear? Well, at the moment the only option is to destroy it for shards/energy or store it in your vault (if you have room), only to be put back on when no one is looking. If you want to preserve a piece of gear or a weapon that isn't exotic, you're out of luck. None-exotic items that aren't level 31 or 32 have no use for players who want to experience new content.


Oh, and don't even get me started on the fact that exotic gear often looks like crap since it doesn't adhere to shader colors like standard armor does. It's functionality over form when it comes to exotic armor. Is your chest plate green? You had better hope you have a green shader or else that hunk of junk is going to look pretty crappy with practically every other shader you own. But that chest also gives an extra grenade and bonus to heavy and special weapon ammo, so you'll just have to suck it up and wear that gaudy monstrosity, grenade nipples and all!