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Destiny: Weapon Nerfing, Bug Fixing, and Other Updates for Version 1.1.1

The update for Bungie's popular first-person shooter video game Destiny is already rolling out and it offers changes like weapon balances, bug fixes, matchmaking adjustments and more others.


Bungie's official Twitter help page informed players of a necessary rebooting to install the latest patch. Bungie listed the following details for the Destiny 1.1.1 patch. Destiny power leveling for the whole patch note details.


Among the most notable updates include the reduction of base damage for Auto Rifles which are downed by 2.5 percent as well as its effective range. The Hand Cannons were also nerfed in their effective range and initial accuracy.


The Pulse Rifles meanwhile, were increased in base damage by 9.7 percent. Fusion Rifles also saw improvements with its blast pattern but its starting ammunition count was reduced in PVP mode. The Shotguns' damage is also increased against all non-Guardian combatants by 100 percent. Its high-end range value, however, is reduced.


There are also changes in the activities featured in the new patch like the Weekly Heroic Strike which is now a matchmade activity.


The user interface is also improved with its character inventory screen now displaying faction reputation and weekly mark counters. However, players in the public spaces can no longer see voice notifications when a player enters a matchmade fireteam.


For other technical notes:


  • DLC and Patch systems have been improved
  • Xbox One upsell from trial version to full version no longer makes you leave the game
  • Improved networking resilience to packet reordering
  • Networking improvements for certain routers