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Madden 22: The most recommended offense and defense playbook guide

Madden is a top-rated football game in the United States. The launch of Madden 22 this year has aroused the popularity of Madden fans. Thirty-two different teams and countless superstar players will accompany the players through Madden 22. To win Madden 22, players, teams, MUT Coins, and the script is indispensable. Therefore, this article will share the most recommended offensive and defensive playbooks in Madden 22. These playbooks will bring you different surprises and excitement.


Madden 22: 8 Best Offensive Playbooks

Madden 22: 8 Best Defensive Playbooks


Madden 22: 10 Best Offensive Playbooks

Most players can use any offensive script and play games they're familiar with. Madden 22 will heat up any time you fully grasp how distinct formations counter diverse defensive appearances. Understand the movement of weak and powerful teams and why a tight formation impacts human coverage that will mean the difference between touchdowns and turnovers.

Let's overview some common ideas you can see in each script and how certain violations handle them. We ensure that to include things like a tactical manual for every single game style within this list.


Top 1. The Baltimore Ravens

Let's dive correct in using the new-age in the NFL, scrambling QBs, and the Study Option. Now, this isn't a guide on how you can execute the Selection. All we'll say is knowing the distinction involving RPO and Solution plays is significant. RPO stands for Run, Pass, Choice, meaning you've got three decisions to create on the play: throw to a receiver, handoff for the RB, or hold it with all the QB.

The Ravens' offense has 23 RPOs for you to choose from, as well as the Shovel Solution, produced popular by Travis Kelse and Patrick Mahomes near the objective line. You can either run with all the QBs, pitch inside to the HB, or pitch outside for the TE.

Passing-wise, the Ravens are not known for standard passing plays. Use the 26 unique PA Passes and RPO plays to offer opposing defenses a splitting headache on the field.


Top 2. The New Orleans Saints

The Saints have usually been at the top of your passing attack, but we'll need to see what becomes on the black and gold with Drew Brees' retirement. In Madden 22, the Saints have certainly one of the ideal pass-focused playbooks in the game. With Alvin Kamara within the backfield, players who lean on their check-down throws can trust within the Saints' playbook along with the wide Selection of RB routes to run.

Make use of the Pistol to confuse defenses into playing conservatively on 1st and 2nd down. Because the Pistol combines Shotgun and Single-Back formations, you have an equal chance to run or throw the ball. By default, the Pistol comes with three WRs in addition to a TE. On the other hand, the Saints' Pistol only comes with all the Bunch alternatives, which means three receivers bunch together around the correct, and a single receiver is out to the left. You can make use of the Suitable Stick to change to a 4 WR package. The Bunch is best against tight man coverage but can get confusing when the defense is within the zone.


Top 3. The San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers hope to relive the glory years of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. They will do this with deadly pass attacks and some reliable runs. In addition, you'll be able to switch to a TE at the FB package to add more versatility to the field. The Split Close and Split Close Pro formations on the Shotgun opened the passing and manipulation game. Split Close comes with 3 WRs, and Pro comes with a TE and two WRs.

The 49ers' run plays are effortless to understand and, with the suitable packages, are usually changed in the line to adapt to what the defense is displaying. So long as you've got George Kittle or an elite TE in Ultimate Group, maintain subbing him in spot on the FB for max productivity.


Top 4. The Las Vegas Raiders

John Gruden has had a rocky re-entry into the NFL. The Raiders seem to become good at the year's starting and then fall apart towards the finish. It is a shame mainly because they have an incredible offensive playbook filled with fancy formations to pass and run from. The Bunch TE formation out the Shotgun puts your big-boy TEs together around the left or right side on the line. As great blockers, you could rely on them to open up holes in your running game, which tends to make Play Action out of this formation even deadlier.

The Raider's Singleback sets like Ace and Wing Tight add additional blockers on the line of scrimmage, providing your QB extra time to sit within the pocket and wait for deeper routes to develop. The Raiders also have a handful of Study Solution plays to select from, including RPO Alert WR Screen, which offers you a screen pass, an inside run, a QB run, and an out route, all on the very same play.


Top 5. The New England Patriots

They confident do miss Tom Brady up in Foxborough. That does not change the truth that Josh McDaniels has one of the ideal offensive playbooks in NFL history. Adding Cam Newton to the team added the RPO game that was missing from the New England playbook for many years.

The Pats playbook functions the Weak Pistol formation, which includes a FB towards the QB's left side. Even so, you can sub inside a TE or a further HB in case your FB is not the ideal or you're seeking extra passing possibilities.

The Pats playbook attributes 307 passing plays, seven Choice plays, and 24 RPOs. If you're hunting to get a pass-heavy mix of anything, the Patriots playbook could be the single for you. Known for keeping quite a few RBs around the Depth Chart, switch for the Dual HB package in Pistol, Powerful, and Weak formations to obtain Damien Harris and James White around the field. You could sub one of them manually based on the in-game depth chart.


Top 6. Singleback

In the Singleback formation, the QB lines up under Center while a single RB stands within the backfield. You will either have WRs bunched on one particular side with the ball or spread out on each side. Singleback operates for passing and working conditions and keeps the defense truthful against both.


Top 7. I Form

Your QB lines up under Center within the I Type, using a FB, and HB is standing behind him. As a run-heavy formation, you tell the defense what you are carrying out and daring them to stop it. This tends to make Play Action Passes out of your I a lot more lethal, as defenses will probably commit for the run on 1st and 2nd down. Just be sure to get these passes out rapidly; LBs are closing in fast.


Top 8. Strong and Weak


These formations identify which side from the offensive line your FB lines upon. In Strong, your FB lines up to the side of your O-Line with the most blockers, normally two linemen and a TE. In Weak, they line up around the opposite side. The point should be to confuse the defense as to which side you are operating the ball on. With various passing solutions, these formations are well-rounded but lean towards the run.


Top 9. Shotgun

Inside the Shotgun formation, your QB will stand a few yards back in the line of scrimmage and catch the ball in the Center when it is snapped. Shotgun is primarily for passing scenarios but has numerous inside and outdoors handoffs mixed in. You'll be operating the majority of your Read Solution plays out on the gun simultaneously.


Top 10. Pistol

The Pistol formation is wildly preferred in college and has located its way into the NFL in the age of mobile QBs. Inside the Pistol, the QB lines up in Shotgun, but an RB stands deep within the backfield. Another player will occasionally flank the QB around the left or proper in distinct Pistol formations.



Madden 22: 8 Best Defensive Playbooks

Just about every defensive script in Madden 22 has the same core gameplay and plan. You will notice the same personnel and location coverage packs and quite a few identical blitz packs scattered everywhere. An ordinary player can use any defensive tactics and, using the help of the coach's guidance, avert the offensive end from acquiring ahead or scoring.

Let's talk about these formations and their intentions in Madden 22. Now that you have a firm grasp of the defensive scheme, let us dive into the manual in the most effective defensive techniques running in Madden 22 and how they use the above method in different approaches.


Top 1. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

First, let's start the discussion with the defending Super Bowl champion. Tampa Bay can thank Tom Brady for putting the Pirates from worst to first, but the elite passing sprint eventually buried Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Therefore, if your franchise team or Ultimate Team has some fast linebackers, Bucs Defense is an excellent operating manual.

The Bucs playbook leans around the 3-4 and 4-4 formations, featuring four linemen and 4 LBs. You'll be acquiring some severe stress on opposing QBs out on the 4-4 and can have success against the run.

This playbook also capabilities the 3-3-5 Wide and can formations, which quite a few Madden players look at the meta defense of last season. In 3-3-5 Wide, two of one's LBs will line up on the line, with one hanging back to cover the middle from the field.

One trick you'll be able to use that works in 3-3-5 is substituting a SS or FS for one particular of the LBs, preferably your MLB. The SS will probably be your user-controlled player. SSs are quicker than LBs, making it easier to cover receivers, but they also pack a punch on tackles, generating them equally beneficial against the run. This operates for any playbook running the 3-3-5, not just the Bucs. Nonetheless, your substitution will go away if you alter to 3-3-5 Wide or Odd in the play choice screen. As soon as you are around the field, you could access the various forms and hold the same personnel.


Top 2. The Pittsburgh Steelers

The best defense ever in the NFL is Steel Curtain. For that cause, Madden players can usually default for the Steelers defensive playbook. The Steelers defense operates mainly out of 3-4 but additionally capabilities the 46 formations. This run-stopping formation is usually a take on 4-3 that functions six players around the line of scrimmage. You will recognize once you come up against the 46, Because the defense may be in a single high-security state, and it looks like it is full of melee lines. Word for the smart, do not run the ball.

The Steelers Defense also capabilities another one-of-a-kind formation, the 1-5-5 Triple-A Gap. This formation crowds the line with speed and capabilities plays that'll send various LB or DB flying in the QB. 1-5-5 and Nickel Triple will keep 5-6 defenders around the line, generating them practical against the run.


Top 3. Green Bay Packers

With Aaron Rogers officially back on the team, the Green Bay Packers hope to make it one game additional than they did inside the 2020 season. They'll need to have their defense step up if they want to best Tom Brady along with the Bucs this time. They'll do so primarily out of 3-4 but can drop into what's referred to as Quarter coverage, featuring seven DBs around the field for ultimate pass protection. The Quarter (or 1-3-7 formation) will maintain pass-heavy teams at bay while also dialing up intricate blitzes from either side of the line. Your speedy DBs can get to the QB faster, especially on 3rd and lengthy plays that want time for you to develop.

Out in the Dime formation, you may also sub in Safties for LBs for added speed and coverage in the middle of your field. You also have a handful of alternatives out on the 3-4 formation, beneath and More than only hold three defenders proper on the line of scrimmage. Odd appearance keeps five defenders on the line with two LBs inside the middle. Then, LBs line as much as the left or ideal, depending on how the offense comes out. Slide left or correct to defend outside runs and leave it alone if you think the offense is heading inside.


Top 4. The 46 Defense

We described the 46 when talking about the Steelers, but you may run a pure 46 defensive playbook like the Multiple D playbook or the 3-4 playbook. The 46 takes what's inside the Pittsburg playbook and expands upon it with numerous 46 formations. Take the 46 Standard one example is. In 46 Regular, you'll be able to use the Suitable Stick to choose your speed packed in the formation screen. This loads your defense with pure speed, generating it much easier to stress, get towards the QB, chase down outside runs, and remain in tight man coverage.

The 46 also capabilities our favorite 3-3-5 formations, which can reap the benefits of the security substitution to add speed in the LB position. Equip the 46 defense to any team from the Sophisticated Settings menu just before you click Prepared. Right here, you can edit your offensive and defensive playbooks. In Ultimate Team, you will need to obtain it in the auction property.


Top 5. The Giants

This year, Danny Dimes ought to depend on his defense if the New York Giants program posted a winning record. Each great offense starts using excellent protection. Along with the Giants, the defensive playbook is one of the very best in Madden 22. This playbook provides you with 3-4 and 4-3 plays, all or favored Nickel formations, and an exclusive formation named Big Nickel.

Large Nickel subs another Safety in for among your CBS. So, if you have got a pair of talented SSs or FSs in your Ultimate Team, Major Nickel can get both of them around the field. You might substitute them from the play screen, so practice with this playbook to see who goes in and when. Then, adjust your lineup accordingly from the My Teams screen.

The 4-3 in this playbook is limited for the Even 6-1 formation, which keeps six players around the line of scrimmage at all times.


Top 6. The 3-4 defense

The 3-4 defense functions three linemen and 4 LBs. Focusing on speed, you will come across numerous run-stopping blitzes in this scheme. 3-4 is excellent for stopping outside runs, as it is possible to shift your defense towards the left or appropriate, depending on exactly where you think the play is going. Your linebackers may also defend the pass in Zone Coverage, but do not depend on them to cover speedy receivers man-to-man on passing plays.


Top 7. The 4-3 defense

Opposite the 3-4, the 4-3 capabilities four linemen and 3 LBs and is ideal for inside runs and QB containment. Your LE and RE would be the stars of this formation, as they're accountable for sending an outside run back towards your DTs. Nevertheless, with three linebackers covering the middle with the field, you are a lot more susceptible to crossing routes, drag routes, and basic mid-field passing.


Top 8. Nickel and Dime

The 3-4 and 4-3 only account for seven out of 11 players around the field. Those packages function four DBs (Two CBs, an FS, and an SS). The Nickel subs an extra CB for one of your LBs, allowing you to cover 3 WRs even though you keep your linebackers on TEs and within the backfield.

The Dime package puts six DBs around the field (4 CBs, an FS, and an SS) and defends against all-out passing scenarios when the offense goes with four or five WRs. See what sort of package the offensive is coming out with, and choose your defensive alignment accordingly. Understanding these packages will be the foundation of defense in Madden 22.