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Where to buy Pokemon Go Account Safe

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular online game since it released on Google play store and iTunes App store. Thousands people are addicted to walking streets around the world trying to capture the Pokemon.

If you’re committed to purchasing Pokemon go account, you’ll need to find a reliable site which can sell Pokemon Go account fast and cheap. Listings for Pokémon GO account selling are starting to surface in the professional online store If you’re willing to take a bit more chance, online store has professional experience of selling their Pokémon GO accounts, complete with high-level Pokémon and a huge assortment of items. pokemonbux is a site dedicated to securely and safely trading accounts. It also has Pokémon GO StarDust on sale.

The higher the account level, the more you can expect to pay for an account. eBay includes some listings that demand $250 for a level 20 account. But in, the level 31 account only need 25.9USD.In Pokémon GO, the higher your level, the better chance you have of catching high-level Pokémon that you can leave at Gyms. Accounts that aren’t high-level are demanding a slight premium for some of the Pokémon they come with. In those cases, sellers are including a screenshot of their Trainer’s progress filling out the in-game Pokdedex.