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Banhammer To Drop On Trials Of Osiris Early Quitters From Destiny

Destiny owners who have been testing their mettle in Trials of Osiris have noticed that some of their opponents aren’t exactly playing fair. Bungie has a warning for these cheaters as the third round of the competitive multiplayer mode in the PlayStation and Xbox shooter gets under way.


The third week of Trials of Osiris will take place on the new “Widow’s Court” map from House of Wolves and the event has been a hit for Destiny thus far. However, the second week of Trials so an influx of individuals taking advantage of Bungie choosing to matchmake teams based on their connection quality over their levels and abilities.


The way the cheat works is that players check out the opponent team as soon as the two teams are paired in Destiny via the Roster menu, but before the Trials of Osiris match starts. If they notice the team is at the same level or higher, then they quit without being penalized. If the other team is a Destiny power leveling than them, then they have the power advantage and will continue. A win isn’t guaranteed, but it is definitely in the cheater’s favor as they try to go 9-0 and reach the Lighthouse.


Bungie Community Manager David “Deej” Dague addressed these cheaters and others in the developer’s Weekly Update. The short version is “cut it out or get banned.”


“We’ve seen you backing out of matches on final approach in your ships because you saw formidable opponents on the other team,” Dague wrote. “That tactic could earn you a restriction from future Trials of Osiris events. Please stick it out and fight – even if you know you’re about to be visited by tourists from the Lighthouse.”


Some bans have already gone out to players prior to the start of this weekend’s Trials of Osiris event. Bungie updated its help article on “Destiny Account Restrictions and Banning Policies” on June 4 to announce that a “small number of accounts” have already been banned from PVP game modes for “intentionally manipulating network performance to an unfair advantage.”


Dague also encouraged Destiny players to report those suspected of cheating directly from the in-game reporting option in the “Roster” menu. There is a “Cheating” report option along with “Quitting” and other negative reports. You can also report a player for positive actions though such as being friendly or helpful.


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