Destiny: 8 New Bounties Revealed And Bungie Issues Warning For Playing In Crucible

destiny-store Date: May/25/15 09:20:45 Views: 344


What’s the best way to keep your always online audience under control? Simple, you subtly warn them. Talking by way of Twitter in the wake of The House of Wolves arrival, Bungie have told their followers, “Play nice in the Crucible. We are always watching…” So yes, play the game in a way that it’s meant to be played.


On the subject of House of Wolves, Reddit user and Destiny player iHeisenburger has revealed 8 new wanted Bounties for the expansion content and even provided a nice little video collection that will show the exact location of the bounty.  There’s Wolf Enforcer which is in the same area as the Devil Walker from The Devils Lair strike and Silent Fang requires you to head towards Forgotten Shores before heading straight to The Grotto. Queenbreaker Captain asks that you head to Dock 13 which is the area just before The Divide. These three are Patrol Cosmodrome bounties.


Then there’s the High Servitor and Twisted Claw which requires you to go towards the area before the Phogoth encounter in The Summoning Pits. Both of these are Patrol Moon bounties. There’s the Wolf’s Guard which is at Campus 9, near the Vault of Glass entrance, Ether Runner which is near The Gate Lord encounter area and finally there’s Repeater Shank  which is in the area that you first spawn in the Nexus Strike. These are all Patrol Venus bounties.