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Destiny House of Wolves Guide: Maximum Light Level And Etheric Light

Destiny's House of Wolves DLC has been quite an upgrade over the original game from Bungie. The new DLC – the newer one being the upcoming Taken King DLC – has effectively increased the maximum Light level, apart from the way you have to obtain and upgrade all your Legendary gears. Destiny power leveling make upgrade quickly.


With the updates that have arrived via the DLC, rather than Ascendant materials, players will now require Etheric Light, making the deal even sweeter. And if you are new to the entire Destiny business, here's a close-up guide on the maximum Light level and Etheric light.


Destiny House of Wolves – Guide to Get Etheric Light


In order to get your hands on some much-needed Etheric light, the most common way to get some is by playing through the Prison of Elders mode on the top two difficulty levels in the game.


Another way of getting Etheric light is if you are lucky enough and get to a drop point for the same, after you have completed the Weekly Nightfall Strike.


Yet another way of grabbing more Etheric light is by competing in the Trials of Osiris PvP mode. And if you are really up for it, you can also test your luck in the Iron Banner events when they are active and buy some of them from the vendor.


Note that you can also transfer Etheric Light from one character to another via the Vault. So if you are looking for Light level 34, you can grab the resources from your Warlock or Titan.


Destiny Light Level – Required Light Chart


  • Level 21 – Required Light: 20
  • Level 22 – Required Light: 32
  • Level 23 – Required Light: 43
  • Level 24 – Required Light: 54
  • Level 25 – Required Light: 65
  • Level 26 – Required Light: 76
  • Level 27 – Required Light: 87
  • Level 28 – Required Light: 98
  • Level 29 – Required Light: 109
  • Level 30 – Required Light: 120
  • Level 31 – Required Light: 132
  • Level 32 – Required Light: 144
  • Level 33 – Required Light: 156
  • Level 34 – Required Light: 168