Destiny Materials and loot Guide

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In Destiny loot does not come in such large quantities as e.g. in Borderlands or Diablo series, but this does not mean of course that you should not look for it. First and foremost, new items can be obtained by killing enemies, as some of them drop more or less valuable items. Moreover, while exploring the game world it is good to look for boxes with loot, similar to the one shown in the picture above.


destiny material


Definitely, the most important material in the game is Glimmer, which serves as a universal currency in Destiny. Glimmer can be found in the game world, and also is awarded for eliminating opponents and doing missions. This material can then be used for purchasing new weapons, armor, and other valuable items.

Glimmer is counted toward a common stack. It is not reserved for one particular hero, so when you switch to another character you created, you can immediately use the previously accumulated stock of the material.

There are also other materials in the game, including various kinds of plants, which you can actively look for. Having such materials is often required for crafting more advanced items.