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Destiny Equipment Guide on Weapons

The arsenal of weapons available in Destiny is very extensive. It consists of various types of pistols, shotguns, and rifles (assault, sniper, pulse, etc.). All weapons available in the game are described with several basic statistics, such as Impact, Range, Stability, and Reload. Moreover, a given weapon may be characterized by additional parameters, such as a chance of setting targets ablaze or being able to deal more damage to certain types of monsters.


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Like e.g. in Diablo series, acquired weapons fall into several quality categories represented by colors:

white weapons - category 1 (the lowest)
green weapons - category 2
purple weapons - category 3
gold weapons - category 4 (the highest)

Note:The higher the category, the less chance of finding a weapon of the kind. Moreover, many items of the higher categories can be used only after meeting specific requirements, for example, only when you reach a higher experience level. Fortunately, the game allows you to store weapons in safe locations so that they did not take up space in your inventory when there is no need for them.

Another important division refers to placement of weapons in the inventory. Weapons are grouped into three main categories:
Primary Weapons
Special Weapons
Heavy Weapons - These are various rocket or grenade launchers and other models that are characterized by low rate of fire but huge fire power.

Obviously, it is highly recommended to use a wide variety of weapons, so that they properly fill one another's lacks. For example, if your main weapon is an assault rifle, which is mainly used for fighting over a distance, it would be good that your special weapon was e.g. a shotgun. This would help you to get rid of enemies who, despite your sincere efforts, manage to get close to you.

New weapons can be obtained in several ways. First and foremost, you should look for items dropped by killed opponents, as well as for various boxes, which may hide new guns. Apart from that, it is good to often visit the Tower. While in there, you can browse what local merchants have to offer and buy weapons from them. Moreover, you should regularly visit Master Rahool to identify unknown weapon models found by your hero.