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Destiny Guide:How to create character in game

destiny character


When the game starts, you have to create a new hero. The first step of the creation process is choosing character class, which is by far the most important decision, as it influences available skills, equipment etc. All available classes are detailed in a separate chapter of this guide.

After deciding on the class, the appearance editor appears. There are three races in Destiny - Human, Awoken (humanoid creatures characterized by their blue skin), and Exo (machines endowed with artificial intelligence). Regardless of the race, you must also select your character's sex.

Note: Choice of race or sex has no effect on the available character abilities nor the challenges awaiting you in the game world.


character appearance

Destiny offers wide possibilities of modifying character's appearance.The next step of the character creation process is purely cosmetic. Namely, you can change face appearance (Face, Hair or Head Feature tabs), as well as add special paintings (Marking tab), which enable your character to stand out from the crowd of Guardians created by other players.

Note:The game allows you to have several characters; you can select your hero in the main menu. We recommend to create one character of each of the three classes.