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Destiny share the 11 most hilarious exploits


Gamers have a magical gift to discover things that designers never intended them to. In a game that’s always evolving and changing like Destiny, there are lots of opportunities for exploitation. Some, like the now canonical Loot Cave, make life easier by allowing us to skip the grind, but others are just for laughs. These are some of the most hilarious exploits dedicated Destiny players have found to make the game more fun. From fantastically cheesy ways to kill bosses to painless ways to level up, also can choice destiny power leveling can level up, these are the funniest Destiny exploits the game’s seen so far.


Cheesing Phogoth


The boss battle against Phogoth is reasonably challenging at higher difficulties, but players once found a way to remove most of that difficulty: bring an armor piercing weapon to the area and just don’t enter his chamber. That way you won’t have to deal with the Hive that spawn like crazy, and can avoid all of his attacks. Just plug him through the wall and eventually he’ll go down. Armor piercing weapons suffered a nerf a while ago, but now players just stand in the same spot and line up their shots through a tiny opening in the wall. Dealing with bosses that Bungie obviously put a ton of time into with the laziest, most low-risk methods is a thumb in the eye of designers, but it’s still funny.


Sparrow surfing


Honestly, the best exploits are the most pointless. Sparrow surfing is a great example — it doesn’t unbalance the game or ruin the experience for anyone else. It just makes riding your vehicle a little more fun. In November, gamers discovered that you could disrupt the normal animation for driving the Sparrow by triggering a gesture as you get on. That lets you pilot the glider while standing up, which looks very badass. Unfortunately, it can only be seen by other players if you travel through an area that’s not fully loaded.


Paralyzing Crota with an Ethernet cable


Messing around within the game world is one thing, but screwing with your hardware is next-level exploits. When gamers discovered that they could paralyze Crota — the boss of the game’s second raid — in his only vulnerable state by having the session host disconnect from the internet at just the right moment, they quickly used it as a method to rack up easy wins. The process of doing it was pretty funny: when Crota dropped to one knee, the leader yanked their Ethernet cable (or turned off the internet through their console options), then logged back in and rejoined the fireteam to get the easy kill. Bungie quickly patched this one out (for Bungie Time, at least), but it certainly made for some easy, silly kills early on.


Infinite Thralls


The thing with the Loot Cave is that it was just so easy to do — just set up outside the rock hole and shoot while you watched Netflix. When Bungie patched it away, players had to discover slightly more complex methods of farming. One of the cheekiest was the Infinite Thrall exploit, which popped up in March. Gamers figured out a way to slip through a room’s geometry into an area from earlier in the mission. Once they entered, the room would create a pair of Thralls that could be picked off with ease and respawned over and over, and you could kill them for loot and experience as long as you had ammo.


Lamp explosions


Bungie’s mission designs for Destiny‘s raids are incredibly clever, filled with interesting adaptations of the game’s mechanics. But as clever as designers can be, gamers are even more so. Crota’s End opens up with all characters under the Burden of Darkness, a mobility debuff that can only be removed by standing underneath lamps scattered around the area. Stand under them too long, though, and they explode, flinging you off into the midst of enemies. That explosion, however, could also be harnessed by standing just so and players could launch themselves to a relatively safe pathway that led to an area near the end of the zone. It was not only a time-saver, but arguably more fun to pull off than the actual mechanic of the zone, which is to run and shoot enemies.


Sekrion platforming


Some cheeses and exploits actually take just as much skill to pull off as actually playing the game. When you’re up against Sekrion, the boss of a strike on Venus, most players know you can remain on high ground to keep away from him. You’ll still have to deal with his plasma fire and a Minotaur that spawns as a futile anti-ch