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Destiny: The player breaks world record by soloing Crota in under 12 minutes


Destiny is a game many people have put a lot of time into, but sometimes you don’t have several hours to put together a fire team for a raid. So what’s the solution? According to speedrunner ScaRdrow, just blitz through Crota by yourself- if you do it right, it will take you less time than it takes to cook a pizza.


As you can see in the video embedded below, speedrunning through Crota, the final boss of The Dark Below expansion’s Crota’s End raid, requires skipping some combat and a good use of Destiny’s mechanics, but overall it’s mostly about knowing the layout and patterns, and using that knowledge effectively. You could probably achieve a similar – if not quite so impressive – result, if you pay attention. Of course, when I say you, I am assuming you are significantly more talented than I am, but given how awful I am at Destiny, that’s not a tall order.