Destiny: The Players Are Still Hunting For Secrets

destiny-store Date: May/14/15 21:30:30 Views: 295

Last Tuesday, a Reddit user named DemonCipher13 wrote a passionate call for help on a subreddit dedicated to Destiny power leveling, a video game about the mysteries of space.


“The time has come,” DemonCipher13 wrote, directly addressing David “DeeJ” Dague, a community manager at Bungie, the studio that develops and maintains Destiny. “Help us. Is there anything left to find in the Vault?”


He’s not the only one wondering. For eight months, dedicated Destiny players have scoured the game’s Vault of Glass—a six-person raid full of enemies and hidden passages—in hopes of finding secrets that haven’t been discovered yet. This is an intricate, tricky process. To make things a bit easier, some 4,500 hunters have organized on a section of Reddit called r/raidsecrets, where they regularly gather to theorize and talk about the obscure tricks they’ve tested in an attempt to unravel the secrets of the Vault.


Gamers love searching for secrets. For many, uncovering hidden mysteries is the true game. Long after they’ve spent their $60, played through to the end of an adventure and seen the credits roll, they’ll pick at a game.


They can do this for years. Decades even. Players of the game Halo Reach tried to get into one room in one level for five years before they succeeded. Grand Theft Auto players have been hunting bigfoot since 2004. Destiny players have had the same reflex. Some believe the game’s best raid might be hiding a mysterious treasure chest; others think there must be another easter egg. Maybe a Halo reference. Or a dancing alien.


It’s been a long time, though, and some raid hunters are weary. They want Bungie to tell them: are they on a wild goose chase? Are all their efforts in vain?


DeeJ wouldn’t answer DemonCipher13. “Under penalty of certain death,” the community manager wrote, “I hereby swear (as I have in now countless community interactions) that I will never comment on the particulars of a Raid. I abstain not out of spite for you, dearest community, but for fear of my personal safety.”


Bungie’s not commenting. So the hunt goes on.