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House Of Wolves Launch Trailer Shows Off New Features From Destiny

The new trailer kicks off with a bit of the narrative courtesy of the Queen of the Awoken. Those of you who played the game will remember her as the blue-skinned, white-haired lady who has taken up residence in The Reef. She also happens to have a real bro-guy for a brother who has trouble trusting you and even more trouble admitting that you are a skilled soldier. 


Destiny's House of Wolves is nearly upon us, which means its time for an official launch trailer. The team at Bungie has put a little somethin'-somethin' together for you Guardians still patrolling the universe, showing off a bunch of the new content and features you can expect when the doors finally open on Tuesday, May 19. 


Anyway, back when the galaxy was going to hell, it sounds like the Queen offered one group of the Fallen, known as the House of Wolves, amnesty. They were allowed to live among her people and serve as her own soldiers. Some of the Wolves weren't to keen on the arrangement and killed off a bunch of the Queen's men on their way out the door. Now she's angry, and it's going to be your job to hunt them down and dish out her revenge. 


The story touts a bunch of stuff we already knew was being added to the mix when House of Wolves drops, but the shiny new images sure are nice to look at, too. There's the new story missions, the Shoadow Thief Strike and a bunch of new multiplayer maps including three for all consoles and a special fourth one for those gaming on PlayStation. You can also expect loads of new armor and firearms, a new social space hidden within the Reef, a new cooperative dungeon crawl called the Prison of Elders, a new competitive 3v3 event called the Trials of Osiris. 


Anyone who thought the first Destiny expansion, The Dark Below, was lacking for content should be pleased with the extra bells and whistles Bungie has pumped into House of Wolves. The story will probably be short-lived, but at least all of that other content sounds like it will give players a bunch of fresh ways to experience the game. 


The patch that paves the way for the House went live over the weekend, despite initial concerns of a delay, and it also introduced a few side missions for those of you who simply can't wait for Tuesday to get here. You'll be sent on a series of hunts, tasking players with killing off a bunch of named Wolves in order to earn access to a special treasure chest. Along with regular loot, the chests may contain engrams that bear House of Wolves loot, which will be available for deciphering on Tuesday.