'House Of Wolves' Still Doesn't Solve Biggest Problem From Destiny

destiny-store Date: May/23/15 10:04:42 Views: 306

There’s been a lot of high praise for the latest Destiny expansion, House of Wolves. And there’s plenty to love about the new content—expanded PvP and PvE, a higher level cap, an expanded story, etc.


But nothing in House of Wolves can fix Destiny’s greatest shortcoming: The fact that the game is still a console exclusive, leaving PC gamers out in the cold for no good reason.


Now I will speak in indisputable facts.


  • Fact: PC’s are vastly superior for all things first-person-shooter.
  • Fact: Using a gamepad in a first-person-shooter is really lame.
  • Fact: Destiny’s full potential as a game will never be realized without a PC release.


These are just the facts, people.


As much as I enjoy Destiny in spite of myself (it was and still remains a massive letdown compared to what I thought the game would be) I would enjoy it infinitely more if I had a mouse and keyboard, and could bump the resolution and frames as high as my hardware would allow.


I don’t hold to the notion that PC is the only way to play video games. I like consoles. I understand console exclusives that are exclusive to one machine—Uncharted on PlayStation, Mario on Nintendo, Halo on Xbox; these are all exclusives designed to sell one particular console or console family or the competition.


But Destiny is another matter. Destiny is already on two of the three major console families—PlayStation and Xbox—and even though Bungie and Sony have an exclusive content deal, it in no way precludes a PC release.


Meanwhile, Bungie/Activision would make a ton of money on top of all the money they’re already bringing in. And since it’s an online-only game, piracy isn’t an issue.


As addictive and well-made as Destiny is (story and lack of space-content aside) it would be better on PC.