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Latest update leaked: Destiny Screens Reveal Social Space on Reef

Reddit user discloses new batch of images, suggesting a new Tower-like hub is in development.


The Reddit user who recently published a payload of leaked Destiny screens, which had laid bare the upcoming House of Wolves expansion, has disclosed another batch of enlightening images. Destiny power leveling to provide more information to help.


Known by the online handle Megamanexe4, the anonymous Japan-based Destiny fan has discovered a reference to the "Reef Social Space" within the game's files. An image of the "Select Destination" screen appears to suggest that this will be a non-combat zone, likely similar to the Tower hub on Earth, though Bungie has not revealed or confirmed any details.


Further down, the first payload of House of Wolves details can be found.


House of Wolves will mark the second major expansion to Destiny, following the release of the Dark Below in December, and is expected to launch between April and June. The Reddit leaker has previously suggested that the planned Destiny House of Wolves release date is May 19.


Publisher Activision has also confirmed a second major Destiny release will go live before the end of 2015.