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Destiny: Sells Powerful Exotic Weapon And Armor Every Weekend

Xur, Destiny’s shady black market dealer. This week, perhaps in light of the recenet PvE shotgun buff, Xur is selling the exotic shotgun, Universal Remote!


While shotguns are known for the poor range, the Universal Remote counteracts that a bit by offering Guardians greatly increased ranged and precision damage while aiming down the sights. So if you want the power that shotguns deliver, but don’t want to get too up close and personal, the Universal Remote may be the shotgun to give a try!


This weekend Xur is hanging out in the North Tower right outside the Speaker’s area. Besides Universal Remote, he is offering up a pair of gauntlets (No Backup Plans) for Titans, a helmet (ATS/8 Arachnid) for Hunters and a chest piece (Heart of Praxic Fire) for Warlocks. No Backup Plans are designed for Titans that rely heavily on the melee force barrier. ATS/8 Arachnid, is perfect for Gunslingers that want that extra precision on their golden gun attack. While the Heart of Praxic Fire makes Sunslingers abilities recover even faster while under the effect of radiance. Xur also has an exotic helmet engram for 23 motes of light. Unfortunately, there’s no heavy ammo synthesis. So hopefully you took advantage of that last week!


If you’re looking for strange coins, they can commonly be found by completing the weekly heroic and nightfall strikes along with completing a daily public event and turning in blue engrams. Also, Xur has a multitude of exotic weapon and armor upgrades that can be purchased for one exotic shard and around 7500 glimmer, provided you have the original non-upgraded version.


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