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Lost Ark: Complete Guide to Doors of Chaos and Secret Maps

The Chaos Doors is part of the great content offered by Lost Ark when the game is released. Offering players to close demonic portals by fighting legions of demons, the Chaos Doors notably allows them to recover Lost Ark secret cards.

Lost Ark's Chaos Gates come in the form of mini-dungeons, pitting the party of players against legions of demons. Players collect a secret map, rift fragments, and even complete map packs after defeating the final boss.

Chaos Gates requires some planning, as they are only available at certain times of the day. The number of daily Chaos Gates is limited, as is the number of players who can enter the portal. We explain all this to you in the rest of the guide!


The Gates of Chaos

Chaos Gates appear multiple times per day in different locations around the world. To close them, you must go to the spawn point and click on the portal to accompany the other players present (30 players per door maximum).

Once inside, you'll face hordes of demons and mini-bosses. At the end of the door, you will have to face the main boss to close the door of chaos.


Access conditions

You can only enter a Chaos Gate by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Be at least level 50
  • Have a high enough level of equipment
  • Be among the first 30 players to click on the portal
  • Not having participated in a Chaos Gate on a character on the same server (1 Chaos Gate per day and per server).

Chaos Gates are accessible from the following gear tiers:

  • Gear Level 302
  • Gear Level 460
  • Gear Level 802
  • Gear Level 960
  • Gear Level 1302

Make sure to participate in the highest Chaos Gate possible to pick up better rewards.


Appearances and awards

The spawning of Chaos Gates begins at 11:00 a.m. and is available every hour or every two hours until 5:00 a.m. If you play between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., please be aware that there are no spawns in this slot.

There are several ways to get a reminder, so you don't miss the next Chaos Gate:

  • Via the notification system at the top right
  • Via the Procyon compass, located below your map, at the top right.

Ten minutes before the Chaos Gate spawns, you will see an icon at the gate location. Get there a little early, and be sure to be among the first 30 to click through the portal.

Chaos Gate rewards vary by entry-level:

Chaos Gate Level Awards
Level 302
Level 460
Rift Fragments
Treasure Map T1 (rarelegendaryepic)
Full card deck (unusualrare)
Rage (rare)
Level 802
Level 960
Rift Fragments
Treasure Map T2 (rarelegendaryepic)
Full card deck (unusualrareepic)
Rage (epic)
Level 1302 Rift Fragments
Full Map Pack (rarelegendaryepic)
T3 treasure map (rarelegendaryepic)
Rage (legendary)

After defeating the last boss, an auction will begin, allowing you to bid for an additional treasure map. The entire sum is then paid out to the players present in the door of chaos.

Tips: If you participate in the auction, do not spend more than 400 gold coins. Beyond this amount, the treasure map is no longer profitable enough.

You can then decide to sell the treasure map to the auction house or complete it to sell the resources contained in the hidden dungeon.


Exchange Rift Fragments

Rift Fragments are exchanged with the named NPC[Rift Fragment Exchange]on the map and will allow you to buy treasure maps:

You can also exchange several cards of lower ranks for a higher card via an NPC located next to the vendor of abyssal fragments.

Tips: Before starting a trade, look at the auction house, and find out about the price of the resources of the cards you want to trade. The materials of 3 rare cards are probably worth more than those of a single epic card.


Treasure maps

Treasure maps provide access to hidden dungeons. The position is indicated on the associated map. These dungeons are very short and allow you to recover resources, which can be sold at the auction house.


Take part in rotations.

The treasure maps give the same reward whether you are alone or with 4. To make the most of it, find three players with a treasure map similar to yours, and complete your four maps as a group. You will collect four times more rewards.

Tips: Ensure you are in the same channel as your group members (right-click on a group member -> join channel). You must also be on the same map as the treasure map owner to participate.


Hidden Dungeons Rewards

Once in the hidden dungeon, you will have to kill a few monster packs and a boss, which is relatively easy to beat. The rewards you can get in secret dungeons:

Chaos Gate Level Awards
Treasure Map T1 Star Breaths
Fragments of Harmony
Engraving Recipes (rareunusual)
Map (rareepic)
Treasure map T 2 Breaths of the Moon
Fragments of Life
Engraving Recipes (rareepic)
Map (legendaryepicrare)
Treasure map T 3 Sun Protection Solar
Fragments of Honor
Engraving Recipes (legendaryepic)
Map (legendaryepic)

You can do as many hidden dungeons as you want per day if you have the treasure maps to access them.