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Escape from Tarkov: Leveling Guide

Escape from Tarkov is more than just learning how to aim and shoot your enemies before they get a chance to attack you. It's also a first-person shooter that requires skill and knowledge, and careful planning to get the upper hand.

In addition, as in many games, levels play a key role in Escape from Tarkov. Especially when you reach level 40, you will be able to access many things. A few good examples are the Flea Market, where you can buy and sell gear and level up your vendors.

However, due to the many mechanisms involved in the game, such as weapon mods, armor, ammo types, and more, leveling up can be a little confusing. The good news is that it's pretty simple, but it can be tricky at first.



Escape from Tarkov leveling guide

In Escape from Tarkov, you can do several activities that will allow you to gain experience, but if you want to level up as quickly as possible, you have only two options: quests and raids.

Let's break down these two options to find the most efficient way to level up.




One of the most effective ways to level up quickly in an MMO is by completing quests that you can get from NPCs. While not an MMO at all, Escape from Tarkov offers quests called "Quests". These quests may seem like they give you pretty minimal experience, but many of them are chain quests that will provide you with a small amount of experience upon completion.

For example, Prapor's first quest will only give you 600 EXP when completed, but his second quest will provide you with 800, and his third quest will give you 2000. Then the last quest in the chain will provide you with a total of 4100 EXP when completed.

You will need to complete the Mechanic, Ensign, Peacekeeper, Ragman, Skier, and Therapist quests as you level up. They will give you a 1.2 million experience, which is halfway to level 40. In addition to experience, you can also get several other rewards such as items, cash bonuses, and even new items purchased from vendors.

There are 120 quests to complete in total, and if you can complete all the quests as quickly as possible, leveling up fast shouldn't be a problem.




Raids are another way to earn a lot of experience that will help you level up quickly in Escape from Tarkov. Although the experience they give is not as great as for completing the task, they are nevertheless more consistent. You have to keep in mind that EVERY ACT you do while raiding can give you experience.


These actions include:

  • Killing players
  • Search for bodies
  • Recovery
  • Robbery of items
  • Killing Scavs
  • Container search
  • Food and drink


Pretty much everything you do will allow you to gain experience while raiding. However, the main point is that you need to escape the raid alive if you want to get the whole experience, as dying will cause you to lose a massive chunk of it. The best part is that your knowledge will apply to your character's skills and your overall account level.

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