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5 games similar to Lost Ark!

The European release of Lost Ark on Steam caused an unexpected buzz around the game. If earlier Russian and Asian gamers mainly knew about it, now almost every box is talking about the project, although the ARPG genre has existed for a long time. You should check out five games if you like Lost Ark.



Path of Exile

Path of Exile will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, but a respectable age by the standards of online games is no sign that the game is outdated. On the contrary, it is still prevalent today: tens of thousands of players daily destroy countless hordes of monsters searching for rare equipment, precious loot, and experience to pump. Path of Exile's skill tree is still perhaps the most massive in the genre's history - perfectionists and avid build optimization enthusiasts will find where to roam. In addition, developers release seasonal updates that consistently add even more content every few months. 



Grim Dawn

If you want to consider a break from MMOs, you should pay attention to Grim Dawn - a dark steampunk action from the authors of Titan Quest. The game passed, plus or minus, unnoticed by a wide audience, but ARPG connoisseurs quickly recognized it as one of the few excellent successors to the Diablo tradition. A long story campaign, wide scope for character development and customization, a ton of secrets, original visual design and sound, an exciting world - in a word, everything is as it should be. Grim Dawn has come an extended way since Steam Early Access, and the end product was more than worth the wait. Two major story DLCs are included as a bonus for those who find the base game, not enough. 



Titan Quest

Although Grim Dawn did a lot to complement and improve on Titan Quest, the original game is also worth considering because of the setting, inspired by the actual mythology of different cultures. From Ancient Greece to Egypt, China, and Scandinavia. The hero will have a chance to defeat the Cyclops Polyphemus, explore the legendary labyrinth of the Minotaur, protect the Great Wall of China from terracotta soldiers, fight the fire giant Surt and go to the bottom of the ocean - straight to Atlantis. Perhaps now Titan Quest looks a little archaic compared to its more modern counterparts, but the recent re-release of the Anniversary Edition has rejuvenated the game quite well. Fans of ancient myths will enjoy it.



Diablo II: Resurrected

Diablo II: Resurrected is perfect for both nostalgia and a first introduction if you missed the franchise's golden era. Why reinvent the wheel if the good old Diablo is the most alive? A full-fledged remaster of the second part is exactly what fans of the franchise, who were disappointed by Diablo III, have been waiting for. Some veterans rightly criticize the re-release for some unpleasant moments, but against the background of all the advantages of the remaster, they do not look so significant. Classic gameplay but modern graphics. The limited offline play and minor technical issues are not the highest price to pay for the return of a classic.



Destiny 2

At first glance, you may think that Destiny 2 looks like an extra on this list, but it fits the bill. This is the purest water ARPG, only in a first-person shooter format - and a beautiful, high-quality, and very addictive shooter. Shooting in Destiny 2 is implemented so nicely that the gameplay is not boring: the guns rumble spectacularly, opponents always throw up new situations, and abilities feel powerful. Among other things, the hallmark of the series has always been exciting end-game content - in terms of complexity and variety of mechanics, Destiny 2 raids quietly leave behind most competitors.