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Madden 18 & Huge Updates And Necessary Tips: Play A Good Defense

On August, we meet an impressive the season of Madden, we are pleased to tell you that you have come to the right place, here are everything about this year's Madden 18: Regardless if you are new to the Madden franchise or just looking to improve your game, U4GM is the your first choice. Many tips on how to become a better online player in Madden 18. 



Play A Good Defense

One of the keys to winning is by playing a good defense. To play a good defense, it is important to learn how to user-control a player who is not on the defensive line. Also, by controlling a player who is in coverage you can actively take away more options from the offense. 


Keep It Fresh

Find what you like to run and have it ready to go. Make sure not to overuse it, if you continually use the same play, your opponents will be able to recognize it and adjust their gameplay to counter it. By running a variety of different plays from similar formations, you’ll keep your opponent on their toes and less likely for them to know what you are doing. 


Play Offensive And Defensive Tutorials

Before you take your game in Madden 18 online I highly recommend taking a look at the offensive and defensive play tutorials in the game, click here to get the full tips on offensive and defensive. If you are relatively new to the Madden franchise and football in general, you'll want to get some experience playing offline first. 


Find The Team That Works Best For Your Gameplay Style

While finding a playbook that works best for you, use this opportunity to play with as many different teams as possible offline. By doing this, you'll get game time using different players. Furthermore, if you have a considerable amount of offline experience, you'll get a better feel for what you are good at. 


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