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MU Legend Was Flooded By A Wave Of Scammers

MU Legend is just good MMOARPG. It goes a step further towards the Path of Exile as far as the aspect of network gaming is concerned. It also offers a lot of customization options and a fun character. The amount of time you have to devote to expediting the desired equipment, and then strengthening it, will delight the grinding fanatics. Also, there is a soul level, wings, companion, and even a mount. So it is ripping. The only problem is that the right content is now up to the top two weeks. Developers have limited access to the dungeons for up to two visits per day, all for the purpose of artificially extending the time we spend with the MU Legend.



The MU developing team can not handle the bots since just a few days to MU Legend was flooded by a wave of scammers. Almost every step you can meet a group of bots that happily enter a dungeon to get out of it after a few seconds. As it turns out, Webzen is not coping with such players. In the initial site there are full of bots advertising on the topic of questionable websites or portals dealing with the purchase of virtual currency. However, there are bots that make instances on speed hacks. As a result, they flood the auction items, spoiling the server economy.


More than 5,000 accounts have been exploited recently, and more than 5,000 accounts have been found to use illegal software. The only problem is that the next day the situation returned to "normal" and MU Legend hit another wave of scammers. In order to make their lives difficult, Webzen introduced a familiar CAPTCHA system to the client. Well, the effects can not be seen, but the increased number of dissatisfied players who could not sign up through it to play. CAPTCHA does not work all correctly and sometimes forces you to install Internet Explorer.


If this were not enough, developers' increased vigilance and a fraudulent fraud system made many users bump into the ban. As it turned out, completely unjust. Webzen is asking such players to write an appeal - a hitch in the fact that the number of wrongly blocked people has made waiting time for the depletion of the account significantly longer. And botmers continue to hug themselves in MU Legend without a hitch... as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more MU Legend news and cheap MU Legend Redzen with instant delivery.