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Raids Creator Knows The Destiny Of The First DLC Problem


Luke Smith, the lead designer of Destiny‘s sprawling raid quests, knows that a lot of people aren’t very happy with the Crota’s End raid introduced in the game’s first expansion, The Dark Below, and he understands why. Smith took to a discussion thread on NeoGAF over the weekend to address Destiny‘s fans directly, owning the mistakes of the first downloadable content release and offering some thoughts on how they can be addressed in the next one.


“Nothing specific to announce at this time, but the mistakes we made with the DLC1 reward economy will not be repeated,” Smith wrote, referring to the way upgrades for difficult-to-obtain Exotic weapons was handled prior to Dark Below‘s release. Bungie added a way for players to get the stats of their older Exotic gear in line with the stat increases that accompanied the first DLC, but was quickly criticized for the way the system required everyone to “reset” the skill progression of their upgraded Exotics.