The Destiny Of Tough New Challenges Has Been Defeated

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As Eurogamer reports, the leader of the successful run was Sunshadow. You might remember him as the player who beat Crota's End by himself, without ever firing a weapon. What's even more impressive about this playthrough is that it was completed on the toughest difficulty setting--level 35. Destiny power leveling make you upgrade easy.


Just hours after the release of Destiny's House of Wolves expansion, a group of players have claimed victory over its toughest new challenge, the Prison of Elders co-op arena.


Prison of Elders is a Gears of War Horde-style mode where a trio of players work together to take down waves of increasingly difficult enemies.


The mode is so challenging that even Bungie's own developers could not complete it during a livestream event earlier this month, according to Forbes.


Check out a clip of the Prison of Elders run here. And be sure to watch the video below to see what Prison of Elders is all about.


House of Wolves is available now on all platforms. It's included with Destiny's $35 Expansion Pass (which also comes with December's The Dark Below), or you can buy it separately for $20.