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Trial of Osiris Cheaters To Face Bans From Destiny

Bungie also released data showing where players spent the most time on the map during the Trials of Osiris event (see image on the right), as well as figures which reveal over 3.7 million matches played in Trials of Osiris. Of these, nearly 300,000 players earned a perfect scorecard.


The latest update for Destiny will see players who cheated in the Trials of Osiris player-versus-player event be issued punishment. Detailed on the Bungie blog, the developers will be investigating players who cheated in the event and issue temporary time-outs, as well as permanent bans. The developer also confirmed that the OLIVE error some players were encountering has been fixed.


The post also revealed the upcoming return of the Iron Banner event, which will allow players an opportunity to earn the elusive Etheric Light currency.


Destiny's Trials of Osiris event first launched on May 22. The event featured two teams of three players going head-to-head without respawns. Trials of Osiris was released as part of Destiny's recently launched House of Wolves expansion. For more on Destiny's latest content, check out our coverage.