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10 Simple Changes You Can Make ' Destiny ' Get Better


We're not game developers, but we put together a list of 11 simple changes that would improve the Destiny experience. Destiny power leveling can also improve your game. Sure there are bugs with Crota or other encounters, but these changes raise the quality of life across the board for all players.


1. Increase Vault Space 


Fighting with item space isn't fun. Give us more room to keep a varied arsenal.


2. Stop Repeating Maps


Add code so players don't get the same Strike or Crucible map twice in a row.


3. Auto-fill Spots In Strikes


Much like you do in Crucible, refill a missing spot with players in the queue. We feel bad when we abandon someone on a Strike, but we have to as we just completed that Strike (see item number two). (Editor's Note: I must have bad luck, as I usually end up soloing my way through, but users reporting this works currently - I'll test later tonight)


4. Zap AFKers In Strikes

We love the idea that if a player falls a certain distance behind the action for over two minutes (which is more than enough time for a bathroom break) they should be kicked and replaced (see item number three).


5. Lower The Cost Of Heavy Ammo Synthesis


We want you to fix the heavy ammo loss bug, but until you do, lower the price please. We think 500 Glimmer sounds like a fair price.


6. Offer Quick Travel To Tower


Anytime we are given the option to go to orbit, there should be another option to go straight to the Tower.


7. Allow Us To Skip Movies


Anyone who has forgotten to leave the mission Eye of the Gatelord before the movie begins knows the pain of forced viewing. Make this a thing of the past.


8. Make The Weekly Heroic And Nightfall Different Activities


Doing the same strike over and over (see item number two again) just isn't a great way to showcase Destiny's universe.


9. Reroll Vendor Gear 


Each week, or even each month, the vendors should offer weapons with rerolled perks.


10. Create An Ascendant Material Exchange 


You can exchange with Eris Morn for different Radiant materials, so why not give or add a vendor to exchange Ascendant Shards and Energy.


11. Add Glimmer Rewards to Bounties


Before The Dark Below we had limited use for Glimmer, now people are farming Extraction Zone weekly (if not daily), and it simply makes you want to smash your skull through your TV screen. Adding about 200 Glimmer per bounty seems right to us.


Should Bungie tackle some harder changes to the game, we'd also love to see them add transmogrification for armor and weapon decals, which would let players take advantage of all the armor sets so everyone in the Tower wouldn't look like cookie cutter repeats. Putting weapon holds in ships would also be a great addition, letting us easily exchange weapons between characters would be simply amazing.