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100% Practical Destiny PvP Tips and Tricks

Hello fellow Guardians! I'm going to do my best here to give you some tips and tricks that help me win my PvP matches. These apply to all game modes. This isn't anything fancy. It's just some things that I find helps me do well.

- STOP SPRINTING: This is my first and number one rule for PvP, and I cannot stress this enough. Keeping your weapon at the ready ensures you are prepared to take on any enemies.


- Pay attention to you tracker: Dinklebot said it in the tutorial and he's right. Never stop glancing at your tracker. Half the time I'm playing I'm watching my tracker, and I never get snuck up on.


- Stay on your side of the map: A lot of people think that running around to where the enemy spawns is going to get you kills. It isn't. It will get you killed though. Keep to the middle of the map and on your side. Let the enemy come to you.


- Patience: Just relax. Wait for the enemy to make a mistake and then capitalize on it.


- Grab the Heavy weapon ammo: Seriously guys. If you see heavy ammo spawn that should be your priority. Another thing about heavy weapon ammo is to Wait until your teammates get close before you grab it. It allows more people to have heavy weapons and a slaughter will ensue. I promise.


- Find a weapon that works well for you and stick with it: Just because a weapon might have worse stats it doesn't mean its bad. In PvP, weapon stats are balanced. A Rare item is going to be just as good as a Legendary in PvP. If you like your gun then use it.


- Fusion Rifles are not Sniper Rifles: Stop trying to hit people from across the map with your Fusion Rifle. It's just embarrassing for you.


- When using the Pike, don't forget to use the lateral strafe: It's hilarious to watch people struggle to hit you when you are just bouncing around on the Pike. It makes dodging supers and rockets much easier.


- Learn to use Blink if you are a Warlock or Hunter: It can confuse the living hell out of your enemies and will help you get away from any danger easier.

- Never leave a match: Even if you are being slaughtered you still should stick around for the end game rewards. You never know what Exotic weapon you might have gotten if you stayed.


That's all I can think of at the moment, but if you have some extra tips leave them below! See you in the Crucible Guardians.