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Bungie has updated the app with a very useful feature: Vault management.

Destiny players will be using the game's companion app much more these days. 


You'll now be able to access your account's Vault of items through as well as the Destiny mobile app. Bungie's engineering lead Chris Gossett gave a few examples of how you might use this feature:


You and your buddies are finally all online at the same time about to tackle the Nightfall. That one player in your Fireteam realizes there’s a Solar Burn this week, and wants to retrieve their Ice Breaker from another character. No more waiting… tell him to grab a nearby browser. 

You’re on the bus and want to manage gear between a couple characters. Use the app to move stuff around and jump right into the action as soon as you get home. 

Oops, you’re halfway through the Daily Story Mission and realize you need that Fusion Rifle with Void. No worries, it’s just a couple clicks away. 

You’re standing in front of Xûr and you’re two coins short. Your Hunter just completed the Weekly Heroic Strike and he has the extra coinage you need. Tap, Tap, Purchase.


When you bring up your character's inventory in the companion app, you can equip items or move them to the Vault. Equipping is only possible out of combat, but you can toss items in the Vault whenever you want. When you're looking at items in your Vault, you can select "Take from Vault" to put it in your current character's possession. In the case of stacked items like currency or materials, you can choose how many of them to grab. 


The Companion app launched alongside the game last fall. It allows players to check their stats, Grimoire cards and a map of the Tower along with other social features. It's more robust than many others games' companion apps but I think Vault management will make it far more attractive to players. 


Gossett said that they added vault management to the app because it was highly-requested feature by players. He hinted that there are other Vault improvements in the works as well. 


"While Vaults just got easier to use, we know that there’s still a lot of chatter out there about how your Vaults can still grow and improve in the future. We hear you, and we’ll talk soon about other ways in which we can continue to update and improve the Destiny experience." 


This is the second time that Bungie has teased larger Vaults. That should give hope to players looking for a bigger garage for storing all their character's crap. 


During the same Weekly Update, Bungie outlined plans to add a new Inferno playlist for the Crucible. This playlist will provide a new hardcore experience when it goes live next week.