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'Destiny' - Collect Every Grimoire Card After Maxing His Score

One of the biggest criticisms of Destiny is that its story is practically non-existent. The only way to piece together the lore is through “Grimoire” cards earned by playing (and only viewable outside the game).


A Destiny player and Reddit user by the name of “tilloucifer” says he’s reached the maximum Grimoire score. While the number could be higher, he says that glitches are getting in the way. 


Despite that, he has provided evidence that he has most of the available cards, excepting The Fate of all Fools (an exotic weapon that is part of the House of Wolves expansion and made available to only one player early - that story is here). Tilloucifer’s tips include a way to access a House of Wolves cutscene early, suggestions for farming specific enemy types, and a warning about a glitch that prevents playlist strikes from counting toward targets.


Tilloucifer recommends tracking your Grimoire cards on Destiny Tracker, a third-party website. He also suggests a tool we’ve recommended in the past, Dead Ghost Hunter. You can read the entire post (and start earning those cards) here.