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"Destiny DLC" expansion pack "House of Wolves" will be better than the problematic

Developer Luke Smith promised fans those mistakes in "Dark Below" such as "vendor gear invalidating the effort of VOG raiders and "upgrading an Exotic resetting its talents" will be fixed when "House of Wolves" is released.


Smith also added that the rules about rewards will go on changing based on the players' responses and gameplay. The developer promised that the team will continue to advance the stories and make the progress of the game faster.


Aside from that, Destiny DLC's new expansion pack will have lesser "barriers" to help players have easy access to gears and upgrades. Smith confirmed that there will be no adjustments made for the current Tier since they do not want to "invalidate" the hard work of the gamers. Bungie intends to move forward with the updates.


"The Dark Below" was highly criticized by fans since the expansion pack allowed the player to reach level 30 just by purchasing supplies. Before the expansion pack was released, it was too difficult to reach level 30 for "Destiny DLC."


According to reviews, "The Dark Below" is for putting in more stuff to the game. Even if the player has achieved the end of the game but they still want to have more supplies, purchasing the expansion pack is a great idea.


On the other hand, "House of Wolves" will feature three story missions dubbed as Gone to the Ground, Wolf Harvest and The Terminus. In Gone to the Ground, players will need to find the Cosmodrome for the Wolf Kell who is the leader of the rebellion against Awoken.


The Wolf Harvest gamers should search for the Queen's deceitful Wolves who are secretly in the House of Winter. As for The Terminus, players need to track the Wolves' Kell who took over Vex Citadel.


Other than that, "House of Wolves" contains several gears for Titans such as helmets, chest armors and gauntlets. There are also gears for Warlocks and Hunters plus additional Raid Weapons.


Fans can enjoy "Destiny DLC" expansion pack "House of Wolves" on March.