Destiny: First Iron Banner event taking place today

destiny-store Date: Jun/03/15 09:56:17 Views: 264

Etheric Light is a new item that is a requirement in leveling up gears, and boosting weapons and armor. The new item was introduced with the game's second expansion.


"House of Wolves," and was previously only available as a reward in the weekly Nightfall Strike and the two end-game challenges, Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris. For the Iron Banner event, the item will be available for purchase from the vendor at Ranks 3 and 5.  


The upcoming Iron Banner event will also give players' lower-ranked Guardians on their accounts a higher chance of getting a reputation boost to keep up with higher-ranked Guardian characters. Also, gears and weapons were made more balanced, so that Guardians with a higher-ranked gear set will have an easier time navigating during the event. 


In addition, rewards toward the end of the event will cost fewer Glimmers than the actual item prices during normal game days. Meanwhile, exclusive to the PlayStation versions, the Cauldron and Pantheon, and Exodus Blue, have been added to the playlist. 


The upcoming Iron Banner event will also introduce a new service for players. An NPC, the Gunsmith, will be made available for weapons reforging. What this means is that during the event, players will be able to reforge their weapons and roll back the perks; doing so will reset progressions and players can then forge a new set with different perks.


The upcoming event is the first Iron Banner since "House of Wolves" was launched, and players will now be given a chance to earn ranks with the Iron Lords and get access to exclusive rewards. 


The first Iron Banner event for the second expansion will happen starting June 2.