How to Beat Kaliks Reborn in Prison of Elders from Destiny

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It’s a new week for Destiny players and with that comes a lot of exciting changes. There’s a new, and fairly easy Nightfall Strike to complete, Iron Banner is back with more gear and for the first time Etheric Light, and Prison of Elders has rotated its selection of arenas at the level 32 and level 34 difficulties. Destiny power leveling make upgrade easy.


Much like last week, the Prison of Elders rotation has introduced a completely new (is it though?) arena at the level 34 difficulty. Last week it was Qodron the Forever Eater who entered the fray, and introduced a few new boss fight mechanics, but this week we’re talking about Kaliks Reborn in the Machine Wrath arena.


The Kaliks Reborn boss fight in Destiny is unlike any boss fight players have seen before, if only because it introduces a few new mechanics. While many players have maligned the lack of a new raid in Destiny, these Prison of Elders boss fights have done well to try and challenge players to think beyond simply “shoot to kill.”


Kaliks and the Archon Servants


For the Kaliks boss fight, players will want to be aware of two key enemy types on the Fallen battlefield: the Archon Servants and the Fallen target. The Archon Servants are basically Fallen Dregs covered in a purple shimmer, not unlike the one given when a Servitor is nearby. And the Fallen target is simply an arc-shielded Fallen Captain that’s trying to make his way to a specific location.


The Archon Servants will spawn in bunches and it is up to the fireteam to kill as many of them as possible, ideally all of them, before dealing damage to Kaliks. This is important because once Kaliks starts taking damage the servitor will use these Archon Servants as a way to replenish its health. So, if they are already dead then there is no way Kaliks can regenerate its health.


At times it’s going to be hard to keep track of the Archon Servants, but they spawn from the doors on the left and right sides of the Fallen arena. Once out in the open, though, the Archon Servants will wander, so it’s better to catch them as soon as possible and eliminate them.


How to Beat Kaliks


After that, the fireteam can focus on damaging Kaliks, which shouldn’t prove too difficult. Like the other giant Servitors, Kaliks is a bit of a damage sponge, but his health will steadily tick down regardless. It’s important to keep an eye out for more Archon Servants because if Kaliks does feast on enough of them it will regain full health and the fireteam will need to start all over.


Once Kaliks reaches about half health the Fallen target will spawn and head through its four checkpoints. Here, the team will need to focus fire on the target to ensure he doesn’t reach his destination. If the target does it’s an instant fail, and they will need to start the fight all over again. Thankfully, there’s only one target during the fight.


Now, with the Archon Servants wiped out and the target dealt with, the fireteam can focus on Kaliks until he falls. Once he does, hopefully someone will be lucky enough to earn an Elder Cipher, as long as the Prison of Elders arena is level 34.


Kill Kaliks Fast


As is becoming increasingly popular with Prison of Elders bosses these days, there is an alternate “burn it with Gjallarhorns” strategy. Essentially, the team ignores all regular enemies, as well as the Archon Servants, and focuses on doing max damage to Kaliks as quickly as possible. If there is a Titan with the ‘Weapons of Light’ buff this strategy should be extremely easy, and will take out Kaliks in less than a minute. The Fallen target will still spawn, though, so make sure to catch him before he reaches his destination.