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Destiny Tips and Tricks for Each Class

If you're just starting out, here's a few tips that will help you get started, in preparation for the hours you’ll no doubt sink into the Destiny beta.Although it may sound fairly obvious, take some real time (if you haven’t already for the alpha), to create your character. This will really affect how you play Destiny and your combat style too.


destiny tips


Firstly, you’ll have to choose from one of three classes, Hunter, Warlock and Titan, which will provide the basis for your character’s abilities. 

1.Take time crafting your character
Destiny: Hunter
The Hunters are basically the Destiny equivalent of a thief or rogue. They specialise in stealth attacks and long range weapons, but are also pretty handy with a blade.As a Hunter you’ll have to keep moving to stay out of the line of fire, since you recover slowly from blows and shots and die really quickly if you don't hoof it away from where the action is most intense.

Destiny: Titan
The Titans are specialists in heavy weaponry along with light machine guns, and thanks to their 80 per cent armour ratio, they’re the strongest too.Playing as a Titan, you’ll won’t be moving as fast as the other two classes, but you’ll be able to take quite a bit of damage while you dish out some serious short-range attacks.

Destiny: Warlock
Finally, there’s the Warlock, one of the more interesting classes, acting as the mage-type for Destiny. They are only lightly armoured, but recover health much more quickly than the other two.If you choose the Warlock class, you will have to focus on using their powers from behind cover, learning how the different magical abilities affect foes.

Beyond these three classes, there is a whole skill tree to explore as you level up. You can only reach level 8 in the beta, but you’ll see a few strands of the tree open up to you as you progress through it nonetheless.

2.It’s better with friends
While playing the storyline campaign on your own is totally immersive, with a fantastic score and excellent lighting details, there’s just something about playing with friends that makes Destiny even better.

We had a go in a Fire Squad of three, whiling away the hours by completing the four storyline missions offered in the beta, and blasting away as a team at enemies such as the the Knights and Wizards.

There are several benefits of playing as a squad: not only can your teammates revive you if you’re downed, but it’s the fact Destiny ramps up the intensity to compensate for your increased firepower. You'll find that heavies are tougher the more members of the team you have and the enemies will increase in veracity and number too.

This is where Destiny really comes alive, fighting gets tough unless you’re prepared to work as a team and it gets even more interesting when you have a mix of classes.Although Destiny is still fantastic on your own, co-op is where it’s at for Bungie’s latest title.

3.Don’t forget your secondary weapons
Although your main weapons are strong, over-reliance on them could see you miss out on some of the most useful secondary weapons.

As with other titles, you’ll find you can throw grenades by pressing the L1 button (PS4). You only get one at a time, but they’re limitless if you wait for them to respawn and are extremely useful for taking out, or at least dealing some heavy damage to, a pocket of enemies.

Grenades are particularly useful when starting to tackle heavier enemies with shields, like the Captains, as the explosions can make a big dent in their glowing protection barriers.

There’s also the melee attacks, which again range in type according to your class, but they can be very useful for hordes of enemies, especially the en-masse attacking Thralls.