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Destiny Tutorial - Access Terminus on Venus

Destiny Tutorial - Access Terminus on Venus

One thing that a lot of Destiny players are complaining about is its monotony. When this happens, players are forced peek around different areas, hoping to find something fruitful.


Venus shelters one such area; an area Bungie does not want you to access. On Venus, players can access a secret area called ‘The Terminus’ which is a part of a DLC dubbed as ‘The House of Wolves’ due in 20XV.


Once inside, players will be able to find three Dead Ghosts and presumably be able to visit the complete location once the complete DLC releases. In order to access the area, follow the instructions below:


Start the Venus Patrol and head over to the Citadel Zone. From this area, you will be able to travel inside the Juncture Passage. Clear the area of any enemies and reach the lift at the very end of the room.


In order to reach the lift, you need to travel to wall on the left side and hop over a small ledge beneath the blue light. From this area, jump over another small ledge emerging out.


From this point, you need to keep on jumping over the metallic ledges until you reach the very top of the structure with a tall antenna. Once you are here, jump on the lift on the far end and head inside the light to enter the secret area.


You can check out Nowise10 YouTube video for a video tutorial!