Easiest Way To Earn Gear in Destiny

destiny-store Date: Sep/20/14 10:17:24 Views: 745

Our Professional Destiny team has spent hundreds of hours in the solar system, exploring the worlds of Destiny over the last week. While our complete review isn’t quite ready, our explorations haven’t come without revelation. While working on a late mission on Venus, we ran into one of the easiest ways to grind out gear without spend too much destiny glimmer, and as gear does not drop based on the level of your opposition, but rather your actual level and a bit of luck, you can use this trick just as easily as we have.


While moving through the open world on the way toward your later objectives, spend your time in the courtyards with a fire team. Try your best to recruit anyone who can make your exploits easier to complete, and break the Vex and Fallen down where they spawn for maximum candy acquisition. Spewing out treasure like a fountain, you’ll never want to go back to the old ways of grinding again.