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Easily Beat This Week's Nightfall Event of Destiny

Destiny journey cointinues in shared-world shooter and another weekly reset means a new weekly Heroic Strike and Nightfall event to indulge in. This time Guardians must face the Cerberus Vae III Strike on Mars and the bullet absorbing Valus Ta’aurc.


Out of the Strikes available in Destiny this is the most time consuming, mainly due to tough enemies that take a bit of a battering before going down . However if done a certain way you can get through the Strike with relative ease and bathe in top-notch loot for your troubles.


Active Modifiers

  • Angry – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.
  • Epic – enemies are heavily shielded and highly aggressive in great numbers
  • Lightswitch – you get one shotted by melee attacks
  • Juggler – no ammo drops for equipped weapon, use those Ice Breakers!
  • Nightfall – If all players die you return to orbit and start over


Preferred Loadout

The majority of enemies in this Strike roll with Solar Shield so its best to loadout with some Solar focused weapons. The Vision of Confluence scout rifle will work nicely and should be partnered with a good Solar sniper rifle, for example the Ice Breaker obtained for Xur: Agent of the Nine. Also make sure to change your upgrades around so you have high agility as most of the Strike will involve skipping areas completely. I can’t stress the importance of ammo synthesis, stock up Guardians cause you’ll most likely need it at one point.


How It’s Done

From the spawn head straight towards the outpost and deploy your dinklebot as prompted. Once done head towards the next area without fighting, just make sure you don’t get caught up between enemies and the colossus standing in the center leading up to the door. The second area offers much of the same, a hefty portion of enemies of all types, so we suggest you stick to the side of the wall on the left and skip past the enemies, eventually coming to the exit. Doing this saves a considerable amount of time as the final part of the Strike will have you skipping your scheduled toilet break.


You’ll come to another hanger holding interceptors, a colossus, two psions, and legionaries. Take out the colossus on the far right behind the barrier when you walk in first from range, as he will cause some serious damage. Once he’s down pick off the rest, but e careful of the psions psionic blast which can kill you in one shot if your armor isn’t up to scratch, they do however have void shields so void weapons will deal more damage. Other than that if you stay near the door you entered and not venture further you shouldn’t have an issue clearing the room before moving on.


Now you must face Ta’aurc’s personal guard, all of which can be downed from the safety of the hanger you entered. Using your primary weapon when entering the room earlier would have spawned some special ammo to tie you over until all the guards are down, if not then make sure to load out with some ammo beforehand. Once you down the final guard it’s time to move up to face the Goliath Tank, situated in the vast flat area straight on. The tank itself will be airlifted in and can be damaged even before it hits the ground, so try get in some early shots with the secondary to speed up the process and make the job a little easier.


Don’t try defeat the tank Rambo style no matter how tempting, just stay up where you previously fought the guards and snipe the four engines, dodging fireballs when needed. Staying separated from the rest of your team is also important giving the splash damage of the fireballs, able to completely wipe of a fireteam with one shot.


It’s main attack is devastating, be careful Guardians!


Once you’ve defeated the Goliath Tank jump onto your sparrow and start making your way to the land tank. The enemies you encounter outside will be lower level so this is a good chance to stack up on some well needed ammo, switching between the primary and secondary to get enough of both. Once you enter the land tank you’ll find another room full of enemies of all kind, keep your distance here as it’s a tight area and easy to get cornered in. Once you’ve cleared it out stack up again on ammo and head into the next room to face Valus Ta’aurc.


There will be two enemies on the left when you go in that should be easy to dispatch, once done quickly make your way to the far-left corner of the area where you will find a ramp. Under this ramp you’ll find some crates making for a cosy little camp, this is where you will stay and deal the damage to Valus, making sure to never wonder outside unless in dire need of ammo. Most reinforcement will not bother you whilst here and  Valus Ta’aurc can be hit from the position no matter what end of the arena he is. Also be wary when using explosives in such a tight area, you don’t want to fail the event in such an embarrassing manner.