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FFXIV: What Kinds of Tank You Prefer and the Reason

Here is the question, what kinds of tanks do you prefer? Do you guys prefer tanks who take it all slow, or tanks that try to speed things up a bit when they can? Here let's see different thoughts from different gamers.


There's nothing worse than a tank in a party with two monster capable AOE dps who does baby pulls but equally bad is a tank who isn't comfortable with their abilities who does big pulls and makes the team compensate for their lack of skill.


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Some gamers prefer tanks that know what's in the realm of their ability /comfort level and who take into consideration the general skill of the group. If you want to make huge ass pulls, but if you don't have the common sense to pop a cooldown on your way to gather up the mobs, then you should go back to Hall of the Novice.


While some players don't have many requirements about tanks. It is indicated that except PLD, any tanks can do. Because their lack of aoe damage is so damn noticeable. Why not choose the extra? WAR and DRK will absolutely shred large packs with ease.


But some gamers do like the PLD, even if t's pretty noticeable how paladin lacks any form of decent AOE damage. People like because of the the aesthetics of the job. Like this guy said, "One thing I always pray for when I'm using my WHM to run dungeons is to not get a DRK, as Blood Price really is the rain to my Holy Spam parade. Having to sit there and resort to dotting mobs and chucking rocks feel so bad, and by the time the DRK has built up enough MP again, there's usually no point to spamming Holy anymore."


Others would prefer the tanks who have read their tool tips & know when, and how, to use cooldowns. Clemency is always kind of a tricky thing to know when to use. In most big pulls, your MP's a bit dry after Flashing enough times to ensure you keep aggro. On boss fights, usually the healer is on top of things or is just about to heal up. Clemency's 3s cast time also makes it a bit risky as a clutch heal, too. It's still a nice skill when you time it right, and you can get off some really nice numbers with the right combination of skills. It's just pretty much a situational ability. If PLDs could crossclass THM for Surecast or Swiftcast, it would be so much better.


What about your ideas? Do you like the tanks that have big pulls with the right cools downs applied? Tell us what you think. By the way, you can get cheapest ffxiv gil here. On our online store, the promotion is available and it will be end next week. Hurry up and get the discount code. You can check our website ffxiv4gil.com to get.